Ezequiel Pereira

Ezequiel Pereira


With over 14 years of experience in the field of software engineering, I am Ezequiel Pereira, a Senior Backend Software Engineer specializing in PHP, Laravel, and Wordpress.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working across diverse industries including Travel, Motor, Medical, and Entertainment. My passion for technology and problem-solving has driven me to lead and contribute to a wide range of projects, from developing bespoke E-Learning web apps to pioneering solutions for renowned brands like Mercedes Benz and Bayer.

My journey in the software engineering realm has equipped me with a deep understanding of MVC-pattern architecture, SOLID principles, and a vast array of technologies including NodeJS, GraphQL, AWS services, and CI/CD pipelines.

Beyond my technical expertise, I am recognized for my adaptability and collaborative spirit. I thrive in dynamic environments where innovation and continuous learning are valued.

Whether it's taking on the challenge of an IoT project or diving into new libraries and frameworks, I approach every task with enthusiasm and a drive for excellence.

My dedication to delivering high-quality work, coupled with my ability to bridge backend and frontend technologies seamlessly, has earned me commendations from colleagues and leaders alike. Outside of the tech world, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and passions, whether it's discussing the latest developments in the industry or indulging in interests like Anime, Pokémon and video editing.

I am eager to bring my expertise and collaborative approach to your team and contribute to impactful projects that drive innovation and success.

Ezequiel Pereira


Project Template
Web Crawler - Landing PageWeb Crawler - Crawling a Website

Web Crawler

PHPLaravelRestful APIAWSSassGitHub

Explore the capabilities of my Web Crawler project—an advanced tool showcasing my expertise in web scraping and data extraction. Built on Laravel 10, this crawler efficiently navigates websites, extracting valuable data and organizing information seamlessly. Dive into the world of web crawling technology and witness its power firsthand.

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Culture Trip - HomepageCulture Trip - TripsCulture Trip - HubCulture Trip - ArticleCulture Trip - Location Pages

Culture Trip

PHPLaravelWordpressCustom PluginsDirectusRestful APIAWSMySQLMongoDBDockerKubernetesSassGitHub

Revolutionizing Culture Trip's digital landscape, I've led technological innovations, upgrading systems, addressing tech debt, and championing performance. A dedicated advocate for efficiency, I played a pivotal role in supporting the Content team with the new Trips feature, custom plugins, and workflow enhancements.

As a leader, I mentor and guide the engineering team, driving excellence through strategic planning and hands-on support. Using Laravel, CSS, and Vanilla JavaScript, I optimized the website for superior performance and SEO, managing CMS maintenance, data design, and API caching. My focus on efficiency and innovation fosters excellence at Culture Trip.

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Jacobs Media GroupJacobs Media Group - Travel WeeklyJacobs Media Group - The CatererJacobs Media Group - AspireJacobs Media Group - ATASJacobs Media Group - Connecting TravelJacobs Media Group - We Arte ConnectionsJacobs Media Group - Resilience Council

Jacobs Media Group


As project lead, I oversaw the development of an extensive article publishing system across 12 websites, managing 250,000+ articles. I orchestrated the migration to AWS cloud hosting and implemented GraphCMS for efficient content management. I provided training for seamless platform adoption and achieved milestones such as launching a new publishing platform and integrating basic machine learning for article suggestions. Additionally, I managed AWS, cache solutions, SEO enhancements, legacy platform maintenance, CI implementation, and project management tools.

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Mercedes Benz - Truck Dealer LocatorMercedes Benz - Truck Dealer Locator 2Mercedes Benz - Vans Event DisplayMercedes Benz - Vans Event Pro AdapterMercedes Benz - Vans Event Person SubscribingMercedes Benz - Vans Event PanelMercedes Benz - Vans Event RaspberrypiMercedes Benz - Vans Event Overview



At Mercedes-Benz, I led transformative projects driving innovation and efficiency. I engineered robust APIs and intuitive CMS platforms to streamline data capture and offer management. For Mercedes-Benz Vans Events, I integrated Raspberry Pi technology for scalable device maintenance. I championed ongoing enhancements, pioneering a solution for UK retailers enabling effortless POS system updates and orchestrating the development of a E-Commerce platform tailored to the UK market.

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Project Template
Smart Rockets - Rocket 1Smart Rockets - Rocket 2

Smart Rockets


Experience the power of Smart Rockets - an AI-driven autonomous script created with p5.js. Watch as rockets learn and evolve to find optimal paths, showcasing the intersection of JavaScript and artificial intelligence in a captivating display of innovation.

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Ross Noble - Home PageRoss Noble - Tour Dates

Ross Noble

WordpressCustom pluginsRestful APIImage optimizationDockerGitHub

Empowering Ross Noble's online presence, I embarked on a journey to set up WordPress onto a new infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Leveraging the versatility and scalability of WordPress, I meticulously configured and optimized the platform to meet Ross Noble's unique needs and vision. Through meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, I delivered a comprehensive platform that empowers Ross Noble to effortlessly curate and showcase their performances while maintaining full control over their online presence.

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Project Template
Bayer - Splash ScreenBayer - Mobile AppBayer - Mobile App RemindersBayer - Mobile App Pet DetailsBayer - Mobile App Veterinary Details


Ionic frameworkAngularSassAWSDockerGitHub

At Bayer, I enhanced the digital presence with a hybrid mobile app, leveraging Ionic for unparalleled user engagement. I focused on user experience and performance, ensuring cross-platform compatibility and scalability. Navigating complexities, I blended web technologies with mobile capabilities to deliver a robust solution meeting Bayer's immediate needs and paving the way for future enhancements. With a deep understanding of Bayer's objectives, I'm dedicated to delivering impactful digital solutions propelling the brand forward in the mobile landscape.

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Gledsley MüllerOne thing about Ezequiel everybody should know is that he is up for a challenge! In the first weeks working with at EHD, he started leading a mobile app project. He also took the challenge to be one of the key backend developers of a large bespoke E-Learning web app. He also didn’t back down from an Internet of Things internal challenge we had among our developers, even though he had never worked on an IoT project. Any new library or framework we needed to use, he would be happy to start testing straight away!
Imre NagyEzequiel is one of the most talented developers I've met in years. I was lucky to work with him for almost two years and I've seen how he is improving on both working on large scale projects and small websites - and cross platform mobile apps. He is able to deliver great quality work - and he has the rare capability to see through very large systems from top to bottom. At EHD we were working on legacy systems and state of the art products and he never stopped to amaze me how quickly he can adapt and get up to speed. He is also a good friend and an amazing team player. Despite the fact that he is a backend developer he knows a great deal about frontend (css3, js libraries, html) - and he is able to deliver quality work on frontend side too. The only negative I can say about him is that he never had enough pens for me.