Hello, my name is

Ezequiel Pereira

I'm a PHP Developer with 11 years of experience. I work with:

PHP, MySQL, Laravel, PHPUnit, AWS Infrastructure, Jenkins, GitHub, Bitbucket, Jira, CSS3, SASS, HTML5, JavaScript

About me

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My name is Ezequiel Pereira, and I am a:

PHP programmer, Web Designer, Digital Art enthusiast, and self-taught in many aspects.

I started programming and creating websites since the age of 14. At 21 I completed the Technology Computing course specialising in Web Programming (PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS), and also completed a course of Master Web-Design.

php file icon ezequielPereira.php

class EzequielPereira implements Developer
.... public function __construct()
.... {
........ $this->name = 'Ezequiel Pereira';
........ $this->dateOfBirth = date( 'Y-m-d', strtotime( '09 February 1987'));
........ $this->email = 'enquires@ezequielhpp.net';
.... }
.... public function workExperience(): object
.... {
........ return response()->json([
............ 'Oct2019-present' => [
................ 'company' => 'Jacobs Media Group',
................ 'jobTitle' => 'Senior Back-end Web Developer',
............ ],
............ 'May2017-Sep2018' => [
................ 'company' => 'Your Favourite Story',
................ 'jobTitle' => 'Senior Back-end Web Developer',
............ ],
............ 'Apr2015-Apr2017' => [
................ 'company' => 'Energy House Digital',
................ 'jobTitle' => 'Mid-Weight Back-end Web Developer',
............ ],
............ 'Nov2012-Mar2015' => [
................ 'company' => 'The Gateway Online',
................ 'jobTitle' => 'Junior Web Developer',
............ ],
............ 'Sep2011-Oct2012' => [
................ 'company' => 'Freelance',
................ 'jobTitle' => 'Junior Web Developer',
............ ],
............ 'Oct2008-Sep2011' => [
................ 'company' => 'The One Line Design',
................ 'jobTitle' => 'Junior Web Developer',
............ ]
........ ]);
.... }
.... public function education(): object
.... {
........ return response()->json([
............ 'Aug2007-Jul2009' => 'Master Web-Design course',
............ 'Sep2004-Jul2008' => 'Technology Computing course specialising in Web Programming'
........ ]);
.... }


AWS Infrastructure
AWS Infrastructure
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The caterer

The Caterer is a weekly UK business magazine for hospitality professionals. It covers all areas of the hospitality industry (including restaurants, hotels, food service, pubs and bars) providing news, analysis and features about senior industry professionals, businesses and trends. It also includes monthly reviews of the latest hospitality products, from kitchen equipment to food and beverages.

via Wikipedia

Technology behind the website







This is built on a custom platform for multi-website hosting built with Laravel 5.7.

For a speedier delivery of the content Redis was implemented for caching the Queries.

There is a static page render functionality that saves the pages as static HTML files.

All the dynamic content is delivered through Ajax on an API built onto the platform.

It has also another custom build platform for handling the internal and external requests, to free up some resources from the multi-website platform.

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Start Town

Fun side project to build my own RPG. Still a work in progress, but there's already a good amount of stuff that you can do in the game.


technology did i use?

RPG GameMaker MV

Basic utility for creating RPG Games

Custom built plugins

Created a couple of custom plugins for multiple tasks, like lighting and some movements

Cross Platform

From the nature of GameMaker MV it is cross platform



Always wanted to build my own game. After all the RPG's that I've played in the past, we all have a Start Town. So why not create a game based on that?


I wasn't going to re-invent the wheel, so I'm sure that already exist a tool, that a beginner, can jump right in and RPG Maker MV was the one.


The tool comes already with a lot of functionality, but if I wanted more content I would have to find plugins, or code myself. So I dove right into the code and started build my own plugins.


RPG Maker helped me a lot on this front, as this exports in any format that I desire. Therefore I chose HTML as this is an easy platform for me to share it.

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Ross noble

Ross Markham Noble is an English stand-up comedian and actor. Noble rose to mainstream popularity through making appearances on British television, particularly interviews and on panel shows such as Have I Got News for You. He has also released DVDs of several of his tours.

via Wikipedia
Ross Noble Responsive Website preview

This was a fun project to work on, as Ross came to the office to take pictures for the idea that we had for him to be falling down through the website.

Was built from the ground up, with new API, CMS and Front End.

CMS  Wordpress

We chose Wordpress as the CMS as this was an easier way for them to control the content of the website, as they were already used to handle Wordpress for other websites

API  Plugins

We had to build custom API calls on top of the Wordpress existing API for the extra data that was required for all the pages.

Angular framework

The Front End was entirely built on Angular. We encountered a few issues with browsers for the falling animation, but in the end we managed to overcome them.

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Multiple tools and websites made for Mercedes-Benz UK. 

Dealer Locator Screenshot

Dealer Locator Tool

This tool allows customers to find the nearest dealer to their location, and what cars are available for purchase.

Also allows customers to book test drives for the desired card.

Lumen based API

Simple API built for locating the dealers and the corresponding available cars for test drive.

Retailer Communication

The system would communicate with the Retailers own API to book the test drives.

Daily synchronisation

Between all the UK retailers for test-drives, stock and rates.

Driving Experience

This tool allows you to book a Driving Experience with the various cars and tracks.

With our driving experiences, you can put your driving skills to the test out on our Handling Circuits or the 10 acre off-road course in a range of Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG vehicles. 

by Mercedes-Benz
Driving Experience screenshot

Custom Build API

This API was written in PHP 5.3, and was doing a simple job of getting the data from DB and onto the screen.

3rd Party API communication

This 3rd Party API managed all the available experiences, and let our system know daily of new data.

Built on Angular

The Front End was built on Angular

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Flappy Dappy

Of course that I had to make a Flappy Bird Clone.

What's behind it?


Used p5.js as main library


Basic styling for the page layout

2 Days

2 days to build this

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Pet Life

This helpful app allows pet owners to link with the local vet, store important details, add parasite product reminders, track weight and much moreā€¦ Pet owners can focus on the fun, let the Pet Life app do the admin. 

via wearembc.com
Pet Life App login screenshot

This app was built as a new version to the existing app, which lacked the modern feel and didn't allow much more than taking notes.

We decided to tackle this challenge and create a new app that allowed note taking, but also management of pet appointments, reminders for vaccines, direct contact with your local vet.

Ionic Framework

We chose to user Ionic as our framework as the team was more confortable building with HTML and CSS, rather than the native tools. Also save us time by building one app instead of two.

Laravel API and CMS

It was build from scratch as a custom built CMS and the API as well that interacted with all the Apps.

Synchronisation with Vet Database

Which allowed the Vets to update their profile and how it was displayed on the APP.

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The gateway app

The Gateway newspaper was a business and careers online newspaper, formerly print and digital and then exclusively digital, read by students and graduates. It was popular with students at a range of UK universities and had readers around the world. The Gateway produced analysis, career advice and employer insights, as well as profiling paid internship opportunities and graduate jobs.


Objective C

Custom API

iOS 6

Gateway App Login screen

After the users register / logged in they would have access to thousands of articles which they could filter according to their preferences.

The news feed, jobs and preferences were synced with the custom built API, that served the main website and this app.

Job applications could be done within the app, which would then send a new application directly to the Employers.

Gateway App Browsing an Article